Why Do YOU Want To Get Married At All?

Do you WANT to get married or are there external forces pressuring you into slipping a ring on a finger?

In this post we’re gonna drill down, peel back the layers, and ask you to be real and decide why and if you actually want to get married.

Do You Want To Get Married?

Let’s talk about you. Why do you want to get married? Or do you even want to get married? Let’s peel back the layers.

Is this something that you want to do? Because you’re looking to take a big step of the ladder of life. You’re going to move up onto another rung and it’s going to change everything about you. It’s going to change everything about your life, so you need to make sure that you actually do want to get married. So let’s get real.

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Why do you want to get married?

Is this something you always wanted to do? It was something I always wanted to do. It was just natural for me to get married. Maybe you’re like me.

Does your mom expect it?

Does your girlfriend or your boyfriend expect it?

Do your friends expect it?

Maybe you’ve been with your partner for years and everybody says, “We’re waiting, any day now, they’re going to slip that ring on their finger and they’re going to get it done and we’ll have little babies in the nursery!”

Well, those aren’t particularly good reasons to get married! YOU have to decide if YOU want to get married. None of the rest of anything we’re going to talk about in these posts is going to mean anything if you don’t want to get married or you’re not really fixed on why YOU want to get married.

You Do Not NEED To Get Married

Remember that this is not the Middle Ages. You were not betrothed in some kind of archaic blood ceremony at birth to secure peace in the kingdom (if you were, leave me a comment because I’d love to hear about that. That sounds awesome!). But most of us aren’t like that, so you can make your own decisions in life.

If you feel like getting married, then get married. You’ve decided; that’s great- we’ll continue on.

If you don’t, you should stop right now and go tell the person you’re with that maybe now is not the time. We’re going to talk about that in a different post so let’s not get bogged down right now. I’ve written this quick post just so you could figure out if and why you want to get married.

The reason I’m hitting this marriage question on the head it because it’s going to affect all of the decision making you are going to do and also about what response you want your partner to give. This is the first step- you need to decide what you want and your reasons for getting married. That’s the most basic decision.

Then as we proceed. you will have some kind of basis to talk to your partner and say, “Hey, this is how I feel. These are my reasons for doing this. This is my entire reason for wanting to get married. What do you think about that? What’s your reason for getting married?”

You can then decide if their answer jives with you or not.

Stop & Figure Out What YOU Want

So sit down when you are finished reading this post. Don’t read any other posts until you have this secure in your mind. Go have a discussion with yourself like I said.

If you’re like me, and this is something you’ve always wanted to do, then you can just move along to the next post, What Are You Prepared To COMMIT To.

If you need time to make a decision, sit and think about it. Go take a bath, take a drive, have some beers, or go do whatever it is YOU need to do to get centered. Decide what it is YOU want to do and why YOU want to get married before we move on with this thing.

Leave me a comment, especially if you’re one of those people who was chained to a rock somewhere and betrothed in some special blood ceremony. I would really love to hear about that in particular! I’d love to hear about the other reasons about why or why you might not want to get married too.

We’re going to get through this. We’re going to get some really good decisions made here. I’m going to get your brain realigned, figuring out what it is that YOU want, why YOU want to get married, what YOU want out of it, and what YOU want from your partner.

Until then, thanks for reading. There’ll be more.

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