Don’t Get Married For Looks! Do This Instead.

So it’s late at night and you’re making out on the couch. You look at your partner and think, “Gosh, they look awfully good! I think that we should get married!”

Time out!

Is that the only reason you want to get married to this person? Don’t get married for looks. Let’s talk about it.

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People Are More Than How They Look

Don’t get married for looks. That’s a powerful statement.

For some, this makes sense. Of course you don’t want to just get married for looks- there’s the whole rest of the person to be interested in

For other people though, that’s where your decision-making process stops, so we need to dig a little deeper with those particular people.

Shallow Decisions = Unhappy Marriages

We’ve all seen this story played out before. The prom queen or the nerdy guy makes it big, and marries their high school jock crush or some pretty cocktail waitress they were enamored with for an evening. And that didn’t work out because that relationship was extremely shallow. It was based on physical looks (probably not much else) and all those people are either divorced or living a life trapped in a cycle of unhappiness.

Don’t repeat that mistake.

If looks are the main reason you’re thinking about getting married to somebody, then you need to sit down have a talk with yourself and decide if you’re maybe a little shallow? It’s shallow to base your entire valuation of somebody’s worth based on how they look.

Looks Still Count For Something

Now don’t get me wrong, looks can be very important. It could be how you met the person. You saw some good-looking so-and-so across the dim bar one night and you thought, “Oh, wait! I’ve got to go talk to them!”

Looks can be why you’re still attracted to a person. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s great to be attracted to each other. It’s great to be in love.

You’re probably wondering how your kids will turn out. How do they look? How do you look- it’s going to be some combination of those. That’s important too.

How did their parents look? Is his dad fat as a house? Is her mom fat as a whale? That’s going to be important, because you’re probably going to morph into some version of them as you get older.

All I’m doing here is making a cautionary statement to not use looks as the be-all-end-all reason to marry somebody, because it probably won’t work out and at least one of you is pretty shallow.

Let me know if looks have been an important part of your decision to get married to somebody. Or maybe they’ve blocked your decision to get married? Leave me a comment.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. There’ll be more.

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