Remind Yourself Of What You Have Achieved

So you’re cruising along, happy as a clam in this little boat of your goals in your mind. You’re getting blown forward by positive wind from all your motivation happiness and everything’s clicking for you.

Then all of a sudden, your sails luff and you’re just sitting there in a doldrum of no motivation and no positivity. Your process is broken down, you don’t know how to move forward, you’re stuck, and you’re thinking, “What do I do?”

Today we’re going to talk about a simple method of taking a look at where you’ve been in order to get motivated and moving forward again.

Look Back To Move Forward

The topic of today’s post is embracing past success to promote future achievement.

Whoa, what the heck does that mean in English guy?

What I mean is, you have to remember where you’ve been in order to see where you’re going. Remember the path behind you when you need to get motivated.

Here’s another Alex quote from me to you:

Your life is the sum of all your achievements up until NOW.

Alex Blasingame

You are everything that you’ve achieved to this point. So look around and strut a bit. Think about how awesome you are.

Say to yourself, “I’m hot stuff. Look at what I’ve done! I have this house, this car, this boat, this wife, this husband, this partner, this whatever, because I worked hard and I studied. I paid my dues. I came in early and I left late. I made the right choices and I’ve done it. I’ve made it in whatever way that I deem worthy to this point.”

It Took A Long Time To Make You

You didn’t just spring into being out of an egg. It took a long time to make you. You had to achieve a lot to be you; to get to where you are now. So remember that- let that fill your sails again. Let that push your boat forward when you feel like you have nowhere to go.

When you feel like you’ve run out of energy, think about where you’ve been. Think about what you’ve done and once you’ve let the positivity of everything that you have achieved up to now fill your sails again, you can flip it around and point your boat forward.

Then you can say, “Of course I can do this next thing! Look at what I’ve achieved up to now! I went to college or I went to this tech school or I achieved this. Look at my beautiful wife and my wonderful kids or my great husband. Look at my fancy things. Look at these mountains I’ve climbed. Of course I can do this next thing. I can tackle this project on Monday. I could paint the house. I could rotate the tires in the car. I could do whatever it is I’m going to do. Of course I can get this done, are you kidding me? What are we even talking about?”

So remember that your life is the sum of all your past achievements leading to NOW. Make now great.

Let me know how you’re making now great right now. Leave me a comment.

There’ll be more.

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