Remember Your Ultimate Goal To Get Motivated

Do you ever have times where you’re just humming along, getting things done, and checking all of the boxes? But then you look around and you’ve run out of steam?

You’re lost in the woods and you don’t remember how to move forward? It’s can be incredibly depressing. What do you do?

We’re going to talk about how remembering your ultimate goal can be a fantastic tool for getting motivated, staying motivated, and getting those goals accomplished. Let’s talk about it.

What Is Your Goal?

Today we’re going to talk about using your ultimate goal as a tool to get and stay motivated. So you’re lost in the woods and way out yonder is some big, hazy, gelatinous, undefined mountain, at the top of which was what you were trying to achieve. It’s sitting there, in that little Indiana Jones ark box at the top.

You used to know how to get there, but not any more. You just don’t know where to go. That’s when it’s time to sit down and remember what your goal was.

Quantify Your Goal | Write It Down

So let’s get down to brass tacks. What was your goal? Write it down on a piece of paper.

I’m all about writing things down on pieces of paper. Don’t use Evernote. Don’t make a note on your phone. Write it down on a piece of paper so you can pin it somewhere or you can carry it in your pocket, purse, or wallet.

Write it down.


WHAT are you trying to accomplish?

You could say, “I’m trying to get this project done at work. I’m trying to plan this den meeting for my scout group. I’m trying to do whatever it is that I’m doing.” Write down WHAT the goal is.


Okay, WHEN? If you don’t have a when, you won’t get anything done.

Everybody will fix everything in the world tomorrow.

Alex Blasingame

So you have to have a time; you have to have a deadline. When does it have to be done? Write it down.

If there isn’t a WHEN, give yourself one, because otherwise you won’t get anything done.


WHERE does your goal take place?

Is it at home? Is it at work? Is it in your car? Is it at church/synagogue/mosque? WHERE is it that you need to be to get this job done?

Write it down.


We’re not going to talk about WHY today. Why is going to be a completely separate post. Check out my post on the subject because why is a very, very powerful thing to hold on to when you need motivation to get that goal accomplished.


WHO is important.

Do you have a team or is this all on you? Who is on your team? WHO do you need to help you accomplish your goal?

Write that down.

Don’t Get Wrapped Up In Details

We’re not going to get lost in minutia here, just write these simple things down:

  1. This is WHAT I’m going to accomplish,
  2. This is WHEN I need it done,
  3. This is WHERE I need to be,
  4. This is WHO I need to get this done.


What did we just do?

We just cleared all the haze and fog off of that mountain. Now you can see your golden shiny box at the top and look- there’s a path through the mountains right to it.

We All Get Lost Sometimes

Remembering and quantifying your ultimate goal is a very simple tool to use. Use this as a method when you get lost in the woods, we all do.

So many times I’ve been sitting at my kitchen table, thinking, “What am I going to do today? I need to get something done. I have these goals, but I just don’t know where to take them!”

That’s when I get out a piece of paper and just start writing these things down. This, this, this, I’ve now quantified what it is I’m trying to accomplish and I can see a path forward to accomplishing it.

You do not need to plan out your entire life with this simple little list that you’re making here. All you want to do is quantify and remember your ultimate goal and use that as way to motivate yourself to go forth and achieve it.

So what are your ultimate goals? What do you need to remember and what did you remember to go out and accomplish using this method? Leave me a comment.

There’ll be more.

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